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Who's Who at Club AUsome.

How to Identify Us
Here at Club AUsome we operate a colour coded team system so you can identify key people.
The Team
Founder/CEO - Kellie Milano
Kellie Milano
Founder / CEO

About Me

Trustee - Michael Milano
Michael Milano
Trustee / Technical Support
Hi my name is Michael and I'm the father of 3 ASD children I am CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) trained and I'm currently studying Psychology.

I manage and run the technical side of the charity and also the Kitchen at Youth Club with Chrissy the Kitchen Lead and Joshua who runs the tuckshop.
Jennie Fretwell - Trustee
Jennie Fretwell
Hi, I’m Jennie and am one of the trustees. I have a 9 year old son diagnosed with Autism with PDA traits, sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia.
I found Club Ausome about 4 years ago while we were going through diagnosis, it was great to find somewhere that I could speak to other parents ‘who got it’ and didn’t look at me the way others did in the supermarket when my son had a meltdown. It was also great for my son to be with others with similar needs, where he could be himself and not feel different.
I started helping out at sessions/planning behind the scenes and was honoured when Kellie asked me to be trustee.
I am proud to be a part of something that is so needed in our community and look forward to seeing you all at future sessions and events.
Emma Stoddard - Trustee
Emma Stoddard
Hi, I'm Emma a Mum to two girls and a step Mum to another. All three of my girls have different quirks and challenges in this world geared for the neurotypical type of human. After my eldest was assessed and subsequently diagnosed as autistic, I was thrown into what felt like an alien and scary place. However Kellie and Club AUsome provided a real lifeline for us and now here I am! A proud Trustee of the the totally awesome Club AUsome.
Kirstie Gilham - Trustee
Kirstie Gilham
Hi my name is Kirstie and I'm one of the trustees. I came across Club Ausome about 3 years ago when I was looking for a dance class for my daughters. We were looking for something that catered for children that have SEN, of which there are very few. Kellie introduced us to Club Ausome and we all felt at home immediately. Initially we just attended the Dance and Drama sessions on a Friday but soon we started going to the Saturday sessions as well. It was such a relief to be somewhere where my girls could be themselves without judgement. Kellie approached me to be a volunteer and I said yes straight away as I wanted to give back the support Club Ausome had given us. Not long after joining Club Ausome, we started on the road of having an ASD assessment for my youngest daughter and Kellie was incredibly supportive to me throughout the process. Club Ausome has given our family love and support from the very beginning, particularly when we had a house fire last year. Kellie organised fund raisers and asked for donations to help get us back on our feet. We were completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown to us by friends and strangers alike. Recently, I have joined the other members of the team to become a trustee and I am so looking forward to the future and seeing Club Ausome go from strength to strength.
Our Volunteers
Chrissy Hannon Image
Kitchen Team Leader
Hi I’m Chrissy, mum of 3 nan of 2 my youngest son is 18 and has many additional needs, both my granddaughters has ASD, I found Club AU and asked if I could help, I do the kitchen at youth club and help with the children with other activities if I’m not busy cooking pizza. Our kids are unique and I get rewarded in smiles.
Joyce Volunteer
My name is Joyce Onome Onobrauche, I am 39 years old and from SE London. I moved to Medway in 2016. I am a single mum to 2 children, a Neurotypical daughter aged 15 and a son aged 13 who has Autism, ADHD and Epilepsy. I am keen to form positive relationships with other parents of children with additional needs as well as help my son to make friends and develop his social skills. I am supporting Club AUsome as a volunteer as it is my passion to work with and support children with additional needs offering them a compassionate and caring heart to help meet their needs in a positive friendly environment. As well as learn the skills to be able to effectively parent my son and give him the best outcome in life.
Julie Vousden Volunteer
My name is Julie and I have 2 sons. One of my sons Adam has Autism and is currently studying Professional Catering at Mid Kent College. Luckily I was able thanks to advice from Local autism/disabled charities to find many ways to support him. In return for the support I have received I have been a volunteer in various roles for approx 12 years. I currently have the pleasure of supporting Kellie Milano and  Club Ausome and hope to meet parents and their children at future events.
Cassandra Parsloe Image
Shannan Batson Volunteer
Youth Volunteer

Why I'm Volunteering

I'm Cassandra a mum of two boys Harvey 7 and Louis 5. Back in October 2019 We found Club Ausome and haven't looked back! This wonderful charity become part of us when joined our first ever event with Club Ausome and from this day on they have been like a family to us. Harvey has Adhd, suspected Asd, sensory processing difficulties and challenging behaviour. They welcomed us when no one else would and before finding Club AUsome life was very difficult. Along our journey we have met so many wonderful people and all the wonderful children. All of the team are amazing and go above and beyond and I wanted to become a part of that to offer my help and support and play my part within the team.
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